After the Camera - Post Processing Using Adobe Lightroom


Abandoned Homestead, Whelan Family, Colliers.Abandoned Homestead, Whelan Family, Colliers.Abandoned Homestead, Whelan Family, Colliers.

Making a good photograph begins when you press the shutter, but it does not end there. Besides, what good is a special photo if you can't find it again a year or more later. Organizing and editing your photos is an essential part of the photographic process. A photo is not at its best until it is edited - tweaked to get the light, contrast and colour right; cropped to establish the best composition and perhaps sharpened to make the shot "punch". Join Dennis and learn all about how to use the "best" editing software, Adobe Lightroom, to manage your photos after they leave your camera and to bring visual life to your best work.

You will learn:

  • About what Adobe Lightroom is and how it can become "your new best friend" on your photographic journey
  • About how to load your photos into Lightroom so you can begin the editing process
  • How to organize your photos so you can find them again next week, next month or 5 years later.
  • How to identify your best work
  • How to retouch your photos to breath life into them and make them truly communicate.